Management in Food and Nutrition Systems (MFNS) is a dietetic practice group of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (Academy). MFNS has over 1,000 members and student members, who pay annual dues for the membership year June to May. The DPG was organized in 1977. Members of MFNS practice dietetics in advanced level positions of management and leadership, employed in areas including health care and food service. Members are responsible for supervisory oversight of staff, materials, equipment, financial resources and quality system development and maintenance. Member also have a great influence or control multi-million dollar budgets; their scope of responsibility necessitates effective communication, team relationships and decision-making.

MFNS Mission Statement
Members of the Management in Food and Nutrition Systems dietetic practice group are the most valued leaders of food and nutrition management.

Through systems and services, we are the link between our customers and their health and nutrition.

The objectives of MFNS are to:

  • Provide opportunities for networking and continuing professional education.
  • Share information on successful practice and strategies
  • Provide tangible membership benefits.
  • Identify and recognize member achievements.
  • Improve and advance the visibility of the management and dietetic practitioner.
  • Seek membership involvement in proposals and research relating to practice.
  • Serve as leadership and management resource to Academy initiatives.