Current Year Webinars

Beginning in June 2016, recorded webinars are available for Category 175 self-study up to three years after the "live" event.

To receive CPEU:

  • Watch any webinar with the self-study icon(or watch them all!)
  • Submit your information by linking here

CPEU information is reviewed at the end of each month.  You'll receive your certificate via email.

NOTE:  For webinars occurring after January 1, 2020 there is a new self-study procedure in place.  Learn more here.

Information for 2019-20 webinars is posted on this page.


February 2020: Successful Implementation of a Plant-Based Diet


January 2020: Food Servicec Opperations for New Leaders


January 2020: Acting Ethically in a Sometimes-Unethical World



October 2019: Produce Essentials – Buying, Storing, and Managing Best Practices



June 2019: Mobile Educaition Kitchen - Nutrition on Wheels


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