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MFNS / FNCE 2014 Events

Your new Executive Committee has taken office and looks forward to continuing to support your professional needs.

THANK YOU for your participation!

New Board Members

The MFNS board would like to congratulate the newly elected board members for the upcoming 2015-2017 term.

  • Chair Elect: Amanda Goldman, MS, RD
  • Treasurer: Shey Schnell, RD
  • Nominating Chair Elect: Pamela Ferguson, RD

We are confident that your professionalism and experience will continue to encourage our proud tradition of involvement in worthwhile foodservice management causes.

Congratulations on your appointment.

Message from the Chair

It was great to see the faces of so many MFNS members at FNCE! Everyone seemed to enjoy all of our events and if you were not able to make it this year we are already making plans for the 2015 FNCE in Nashville, Tennessee!

Thank you to Veronica McLymont, PhD, RD, CDM for planning and organizing the networking event at the Georgian Hotel. It was a fun night with great food and drink and lots of Southern History! This event was a big hit all the way around.

This year's networking breakfast offered a chance for members to visit informally and listen to an interesting talk on the Wellness and Sustainability and Social Responsibility Programs provided around the world by Coca Cola from Joanne Koelemay RD, Director, Global Health & Wellbeing Education for the Coca Cola which is locally headquartered in Atlanta.

This year's DPG/MIG Showcase booth was great fun thanks to Denisa Cate, MS, RDN, DHCFA; Brenda Sheridan, MS, RD, CDM and Veronica McLymont, PhD, RD, CDM. Members had the opportunity to get their picture taken with Rhett and Scarlett or another "Gone with the Wind" theme. Pictures will be posted on the MFNS website at www.rdmanager.org in the next few weeks.

Look for information on upcoming webinars which you should be receiving shortly. Chair-Elect Deanne Carlisle, RD, LD, MBA, DHCFA has some exciting topics planned for you!

Patti Oliver, MS, RD, LD
MFNS 2014 Chair
Director of Nutrition
UCLA Health System

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Please remember to renew your MFNS membership and take advantage of the valuable resources MFNS membership provides. NOTE to existing/past members. If you cannot log into the 'members only' portion of the web site OR are not receiving EBlasts or listserv updates, it is likely due to expired membership. Here is the renewal link for those interested: http://www.eatright.org/login.aspx

ATTENTION: Please send all email correspondence you'd like to reach the MFNS Executive Committee to: MFNSDPG@gmail.com. Your issue will be addressed accordingly. Any email correspondence sent to info@rdmanager.org will be received by the MFNS Web Master.

We are planning exciting and informative Webinars for the upcoming year.

MFNS represents over 1200 members of the American Dietetic Association who specialize in managing Money, Minutes, Materials, Manpower & Machines - the 5 M's.

To join MFNS:

Annual Dues are $30 from June 1st to May 31st.

Standards of Professional Performance (SOPP) for Registered Dietitians in Management of Food & Nutrition Systems have were published, JADA, March 2009. MFNS members, educators and interested will be interested in reviewing them. The SOPPs serve as a guide for RDs to evaluate and improve practice and demonstrate competence in management of food and nutrition systems. These standards answer the question, What are the skills, knowledge and competency that an RD in the provision of management of food & nutrition services at the generalist and specialist level?

A copy is also available on the member-only site.

Organization Goals

  • Unite in a national organization the Academy members who have management responsibilities in food and nutrition systems
  • Provide a means of communication among members in this dietetic practice group and with other established groups
  • Promote the professional and personal development of members
  • Promote visibility of and career opportunities for this field of dietetic practice
  • Promote applied research in the practice of dietetics

Membership Benefits

  • Quarterly newsletter
  • Networking opportunities
  • Annual Meeting and Exhibition educational programming/special events
  • Monitoring of legislative activity
  • Support to state meetings
  • Representation to Council on Professional Issues by officers
  • Promotion of the management RD and DTR
  • Educational Scholarships
  • www.rdmanager.org - The official MFNS DPG web page, containing management information
  • Two approved Sub-Units - Dietitians in College & University Food Services and Commercial & Retail Food Service