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MFNS / FNCE 2015 Events

Your new Executive Committee has taken office and looks forward to continuing to support your professional needs.

THANK YOU for your participation!


1. Where else can you find a $6 CEU? This year we sponsored 5 free Webinars - our membership fee is remaining the same excellent price at $30. You do the math!

2. We exemplify diversity! Our members have the most diverse and interesting jobs in the dietetic profession in a variety of settings: health care, college and university, corrections, long term care, hospitality, business, retail, industry and education.

3. Modern, easy to maneuver website: www.rdmanager.org. This resource offers guidance to manage efficient, cost effective food service operations while keeping satisfaction scores high.

4. Increasing connectivity: sharing opportunities to excel in the multi-faceted world of leadership. Electronic mailing list, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media involvement will keep you up to date on current trends, issues, monitoring of legislative activity. You can share your resources and ideas with all members as well!

5. Write an article for the Market-link newsletter and if published, we will rebate your DPG dues! We are looking for articles about successful management practices, interventions, strategies, educational materials and information about food and nutrition management.

6. FNCE® networking opportunities with current members are fun and educational. Awards, grants, scholarships and stipends available - check them out online.

7. Let us help you cultivate even greater heights of leadership in your operation. We are here to help – we share our time and talents with our members through networking events, online communications, and our mentoring program.

8. Our DPG is a great place for you to use your leadership skills outside of the workplace and within the profession.

9. MFNS membership provides access to cutting edge tools such as our revised Standards of Professional Performance (SOPP) and working to define the minimum standards for an acute care healthcare operation with other management groups.

10. We have influence in our industry in purchasing and hiring power! More than 50% of our members are director level or above. And, we are your voice for the future of management and business in our profession.

Thank you for your partnership in MFNS…so get involved and join us!

Chair's Message

I want to start my final message by thanking all of our members for your partnership in MFNS.

We offer so many benefits for members and the Executive Committee is taking the results from the recent membership survey you just completed to identify what benefits are most important to you, so we can prioritize our resources to serve you best. From our free webinars, to the website, to the networking opportunities at FNCE® and the Market-Link Newsletter, there are many reasons to belong to MFNS. And it just keeps getting better!

  Patti Oliver, MS, MBA, RD, LD

This year’s Executive Committee has done a great job and everyone has worked very hard. Joyce Scott-Smith, MS, RDN and Rita Berthelsen, PhD, RD, Editors, Market-Link, have produced a series of stimulating and informative newsletters, and are taking a look at some different formats for communicating information in the upcoming year, so stay tuned for more!

Deanne Carlisle, RD, LD, MBA, FHCFA, Chair-Elect, took ideas from 2014 member survey to develop great webinars with dynamic speakers. My thanks to Deanne for putting these programs together. With great member interest and attendance, we look for more webinar topics in the near future.

Thanks to Veronica McLymont, PhD, RD, CDM, Membership Director, for planning and executing a “Gone with the Wind” networking event for MFNS Members in Atlanta. We also had a great turn-out as always for the Networking Breakfast and heard Joan Koelemay, RD, from Coca Cola talk about Coca Cola’s work in helping those in underdeveloped countries. FNCE ® breakfast is an annual event and we always have a dynamic speaker, so put this on your list for next year at FNCE®. Denisa Cate, MS, RDN, DHCFA, Marketing Director, Veronica McLymont, PhD, RD, CDM, Membership Director, and Brenda Sheridan, MS, RD, LD, FAND, Nominating-Chair Elect also planned a fun booth at the DPG showcase where many of you had your picture taken with Scarlett and/or Rhett.

We would not have been able to do all of this without the help of our sponsors. Our sponsors included: Aladdin Temp-Rite® who sponsored the “Gone with the Wind” event in Atlanta; Computrition and Sysco® who co-sponsored the networking breakfast at FNCE®. Gordon Food Service and HANDS-ON Consultations who sponsored MFNS related events; and DM&A who sponsored webinars. Thanks also to Alluserve for their newsletter ads.

Thank you to Brian Bachman, RD, LDN, Nominating Committee Chair and Brenda Sheridan, MS, RD, LD, FAND, Nominating Committee Chair-elect for preparing an outstanding slate of candidates for the ballot.

MFNS will be co-sponsoring two sessions at FNCE® 2016 in Nashville: 1) “RDNs in Action: Improving Quality Care using National Quality Strategy” will be presented in conjunction with the Academy’s Quality Management Committee and the Clinical Nutrition Managers DPG. Our own Julie Jones, MS, RD, LD, Director of Nutrition, Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, will be presenting at this session. And 2) “Feeding Cultural on Campus: Expanding the World of Student Dining” will also be co-sponsored by MFNS with the Academy Diversity Committee. Please start looking for information about these two sessions when you plan your schedule for Nashville.

This past fall the House of Delegates (HOD) discussed a Mega Issue on Management. The Mega Issue was presented by five DPG’s, with our own MFNS delegate Char Norton, MS, RD, LD, FADA, FCSI, FHCFA, leading the conversation. The outcome was very successful and recommendations are forthcoming.

In April, the Executive Committee held an in-person meeting and oriented two new EC members. The EC conducted business and engaged in a productive Strategic Planning session to move MFNS forward in the near future. We also evaluated responses to an RFP for executive services which is periodically reviewed.

Thanks to the entire Executive Committee for supporting me in my role as Chair this year and positioning MFNS as such a benefit to our members.

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Please remember to renew your MFNS membership and take advantage of the valuable resources MFNS membership provides. NOTE to existing/past members. If you cannot log into the 'members only' portion of the web site OR are not receiving EBlasts or listserv updates, it is likely due to expired membership. Here is the renewal link for those interested: http://www.eatright.org/login.aspx

ATTENTION: Please send all email correspondence you'd like to reach the MFNS Executive Committee to: MFNSDPG@gmail.com. Your issue will be addressed accordingly. Any email correspondence sent to info@rdmanager.org will be received by the MFNS Web Master.

We are planning exciting and informative Webinars for the upcoming year.

MFNS represents over 1200 members of the American Dietetic Association who specialize in managing Money, Minutes, Materials, Manpower & Machines - the 5 M's.

To join MFNS:

Annual Dues are $30 from June 1st to May 31st.

Standards of Professional Performance (SOPP) for Registered Dietitians in Management of Food & Nutrition Systems have were published, JADA, March 2009. MFNS members, educators and interested will be interested in reviewing them. The SOPPs serve as a guide for RDs to evaluate and improve practice and demonstrate competence in management of food and nutrition systems. These standards answer the question, What are the skills, knowledge and competency that an RD in the provision of management of food & nutrition services at the generalist and specialist level?

A copy is also available on the member-only site.

Organization Goals

  • Unite in a national organization the Academy members who have management responsibilities in food and nutrition systems
  • Provide a means of communication among members in this dietetic practice group and with other established groups
  • Promote the professional and personal development of members
  • Promote visibility of and career opportunities for this field of dietetic practice
  • Promote applied research in the practice of dietetics